I believe that our cultural history is valuable to our sense of self and society. If we can hold and read pieces of history, we have a greater chance of understanding who and where we are within our own historical narrative.


Conservation allows this cultural value to be experienced and in turn gives the object a higher economic value. 


Because of that my vision is to build the economic value of books and archival objects by:


  • Providing you with a report detailing the history of your book or archival object so you can fully understand its cultural significal and economic value.

  • Preserving your book or archival object's material integrity with interventive conservation when required.

  • Creating bespoke, beautiful housing that will protect your object from environmental damage whilst offering aesthetic storage.


I will achieve this by


  •  Uncovering the tangible value of the objects by conserving them for the future.
  •  Delivering reports that can reveal the personal and social history of your book or archival object